Dana Maulana, Co-founder & Director of Danjyo Hiyoji – Jakarta, Indonesia

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S.C.: Hey Dana, how are you today?
Dana Maulana : Hey I’m good, a bit busy with my fashion line here…

S.C.: Could you describe your work?
D.M.: I’ve been working for my own fashion label for the past 7 years after coming back from
London. The brand called Danjyo Hiyoji, and it’s based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s a ready-to-wear design for men and women. You can check our IG account @danjyohiyoji or www.danjyohiyoji.com

S.C.: Which artist/group do you highly recommend?
D.M.: I don’t have any particular artist that I could highly recommended, I just listen the song that I like.

S.C.: Which artist/group are you looking forward to hear (new project)?
D.M.: Hot Chip

S.C.: According to you, which artist/group is (artistically) more and more… disappointing?
D.M.: I don’t know but Lady Gaga tracks/song/music/album never meet my expectation!

S.C.: Which artist/group inspires or motivates you?
D.M.: Pharrell Williams, I like his style.

S.C.: Which artist/group would you like to chill with?
D.M.: Mayer Hawthorne

S.C.: Which artist/group should we see at least once for a gig?
D.M.: Daft Punk

S.C.: Who is the artist/group you would love to discover more about his/her/its projects, but unfortunately it’s too late?
D.M.: MC Hammer

S.C.: What is the last album you listened to & you really enjoyed?

D.M.: Oasis « Be here now ». I think this the only group that I bought the album and it was long time ago!


S.C.: What is the album you listened to & you disliked?
D.M.: None, I always buy something that I like.

S.C.: What is the album you’ll never grow tired of listening (all the way through)?
D.M.: Mint Royale – « Singing in the Rain », also the original version

S.C.: Can you tell me the name of an album that everybody listened except you?
D.M.: Tiesto, I don’t event know his album..

S.C.: What is your best track(s) ever?
D.M.: Suede – « She’s in fashion »

S.C.: Which title do you listen more often?
D.M.: Mayer Hawthorne ft Rizzle Kicks« The walk »

S.C.: Which song gets on your nerves?…Why?

D.M.: « Love is just a game »The Magic Numbers, I don’t know why but I do like something mellow haha

S.C.: What is the must-see videoclip?
D.M.: « Around the world » – Daft Punk

S.C.: Which videoclip shouldn’t have been produced?
D.M.: The Cheeky Girls« Cheeky song »

S.C.: What is/are your favourite musical style(s)?
D.M.: I mainly like Trap beat

S.C.: Which lyrics do you have in mind right now?
D.M.: Pharrell Williams – « Happy »

« Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do »

S.C.: What do you love to do when you are listening to good music?
D.M.: Singing, laying down, or dancing

S.C.: What is/are the project(s) you’re currently planning?
D.M.: I’m preparing my show next week for Danjyo Hiyoji fall winter 2016.

S.C.: Which other job would you like to do?

D.M.: Politician

S.C.: How do you see yourself in 10 years?
D.M.: I have my own manufacturing and hundreds of distribution chains for Danjyo Hiyoji !

S.C.: What question would you wanted me to ask you? … & its answer?
D.M.: – « Dana you look taller from the last time I saw you! »
D.M.: – « Liar but thank you 😀  »

S.C.: Many thanks Dana !!


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